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About Me

Personal Details

If you don’t know me, I’m a young, energetic Indian born in Patna, state capital of Bihar Province in eastern India. I spent most of my school and college life in Patna, where I lived and studied until my graduation. Thereafter I moved to the New Delhi, the capital of India where I completed my Diploma in Software Engineering and also my Master’s degree in Computers.

I started working for an IT company while i was still pursuing my Master’s, and after completing my Master’s degree I moved to the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore. I fell in love with the city due to its pleasant weather and awesome people, and never thought of moving out, although I did spent couple of years in US, Canada and UK for work.

Today, I’m an Agile Coach and Design Thinking Consultant working for an India IT company, Wipro Digital and living in Bangalore.

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Professional Details

To introduce myself professionally, I am an experienced Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach and Design Thinking Consultant providing coaching and consulting services to companies to gain increased business outcomes like quality, value, and continuous flow. I help my clients in Building a Culture of Innovation following Design Thinking approach with Continuous Improvement Mindset. Being a continuous learner possess multiple industry-recognized credentials and certifications.

I am SME in Agile Software Development, having 18 years of experience in IT and 12+ years in Agile and 6+ years in Agile Coaching and Transformation, Program Managenent, Innovation and Continuous Delivery practices; focusing on Lean and Agile. I am passionate about building Hyper-Productive Teams which helps organizations in their quest for Agility and Digital Transformation in today's VUCA world.

I am a highly motivated transformation agent with international client portfolio; driven and permanently curious, I am now specialized in fixing transformational issues. I have the skills to offer to the clients… regardless of the geographical distributions. I can deal with all the creative and technological issues that some fundamentally different and innovative approach might presents.

I have cross industry experience; leveraging best practices in Lean and Agile processes, Scrum, Kanban, XP, SAFe, TDD as well as in Portfolio Management utilizing Agile delivery methods. I have led Scaling Agile teams in the past at multiple demographics spread across various industry domains like in Financial, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail e-commerce, Manufacturing and Telecom; and currently leading large scale Agile transformation for one of the manufacturing client.

“I love spending time with technocrats, entrepreneurs and visionary people.”
“I love working with motivated and fun-loving teams and I try to Gamify the coaching approach.”
“I encourage Teamwork, Give Positive Feedback, and try to create a Healthy Office Environment.”
“I am an experienced Agile and DevOps trainer and have delivered training classes for leadership, Product Owners (PO, BAs), Business (BO) and agile teams.”(trainer)
“I believe that giving opportunity to experience doing Agile and applying Design Thinking methods are critical to help organizations and professionals achieve their business outcomes and tackle the much-needed cadence.”
“I love help creating products that are enjoyable to use .” (visionary)
“I love to use my coding skills to make my own super fast, super fun websites.” (technical skill)
“I love writing creative and innovative blogs that excite the mind.” (blogger)

I've coached clients such as Royal DSM, Lowes, Lloyds Bank, Cisco, Telenor, ACS/Xerox, Cadence, Walmart ; and managed development for few like Key Bank, MetLife, WellPoint, Mazda, Hutch Ericsson, Seagate Technology, Iron Mountain, Tele2, GMAC and General Motors.

Expertise in the areas of:
  • ✔ Digital Transformation & Enterprise Agile Transformation
  • ✔ Successfully handled multiple knowledge transition activities from incumbent vendors
  • ✔ Leading multiple Multi-site (onshore, near-shore and offshore) delivery programs
  • ✔ Scaled Agile Framework implementation with multiple Scrum Teams across global sites
  • ✔ Coaching and Mentoring Software Teams in multicultural environments (India, US, Canada, UK & many European Countries)
  • ✔ Experience setting up Agile Centre of Excellence (CoE) in an organisation and in ensuring automation, CI/CD pipeline and in various tool adoption.

Currently involved in leading the Digital Transformation and Business agility programs (this includes Agility in CRM) and innovation practice.

Key Agile & Digital Transformation Highlights:
  • ✔ Delivered 2 Digital Transformation
  • ✔ Delivered 6 Enterprise Agile Transformation Programs
  • ✔ Transformed 10+ Business Units / Products for their Agile Adaptation
  • ✔ Trained over 750+ people in Agile Software Development & Scrum
  • ✔ Trained over 30+ people for the Scrum Master role
  • ✔ Trained over 15+ people for the Product Owner role

When not up to my elbows in coaching responsibilities, I love taking long walks in the park with friends and family specially with my hyper-active kids.

Accolade & Accomplishments:
  • ✔ Star of the month in Lloyds program for Agile Transformation
  • ✔ “Gold Certification” for Cisco program for following Continuous Delivery
  • ✔ “Mature Agile Certification” for Cisco program
  • ✔ ACS/Xerox client “CTO appreciations letter” for Agile Transformation
  • ✔ “Certificate of Achievement” award from KeyBank
  • ✔ “Above and Beyond award” from Cognizant for Mazda MNAO project
  • ✔ “2007 Project of the Year” award from Cognizant for GMAC projects
  • ✔ “Feather In My Cap” award from Wipro for works in GM projects

Mohammad Sami

Mr. Mohammad Sami as an Agile-Scrum Coach, helped Xerox in adoption of Agile/Scrum methodology... Through his experience with multiple organizations and deep agile knowledge he guided Xerox for an organizational change, which was required for adoption of Agile/Scrum methodology.

Faiyaz Shikari

CTO, Xerox State Healthcare, LLC

Sami helped the team learn the new team patterns for increased collaboration and high performance that Scrum requires. He worked with multiple teams and used practical Scrum approach in sprint planning, estimation, execution and delivery of projects.


Vice President & CEO at xxxxxx